CIRED Malaysia has initiated a number of Technical Colloqiums in 2018. The speakers are voluntary speakers from the electric industries in Malaysia as well as abroad. The colloqium is open for CIRED Malaysia members and for industries players. The venue is at the 20 th floor, Wisma TNB Jalan Timur Petaling Jaya which could accommodate 100 participants. This program is a three hours program i.e. from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm. Its format consists of two parts. The first part is for paper presentation and the second part is a forum discussion.
The objective of this program is to disseminate technical knowledge on current relevant topics to CIRED members as well as to the public. Apart from that, the session also act as a platform to clarify issues or policies related to the introduction of new technologies. It is an open discussion and understanding between technologies developer and the users. This discussion will provide technologies developer the understanding of user’s practical limitations from the aspect of installation, operation and maintenance. Technologies developer could use the feedback to improve their design.



In 2018, CIRED Malaysia has organised four sessions.


Aluminium Transformer

Sharing and discussing the technical specification and design of Aluminium transformer. The session discussed on the advantages and disadvantages of the aluminium transformer. The session also discussed the comparisons of technical design and cost between aluminium transformer and copper transformer.


Development of Solar Energy

In Malaysia, sharing the experience of operating and maintaining the 10 MW solar farms. The session also discussed on the policy of SEDA as well as Energy commission related to solar development. The session also discussed on the process and procedures related to solar development.


Power System Protection

Sharing various design and architecture of ARC protection.
The session discussed the needs of such protection as well as its advantages and disadvantages.
The session also raised the issues of implementing or installing arc protection.


Energy Efficiency In Industries

The session discussed a unique energy efficiency initiative i.e. a new technology developed in Hong Kong that uses power frequency wave. This method is said could improve the quality of water as well as cleaning the depositories in pipes which will improve the energy efficiency between 10% to 20%. The technology is could be applied in the centralize air conditioning system as well as boiler system. The session discussed on the process and procedures of energy audit for plants.