Committee Members

With excellent performance, organization and follow through on tasks they develop positive work relationships with team members and keep the team on track.



Datuk Ir Baharin bin Din, Chairman of CIRED Malaysia is currently the Chief Distribution Network Officer, TNB starting from 1 August 2018. Prior to the separation of Distribution Division into two new Divisions; Distribution Network and Retail, Datuk Ir Baharin was the Vice President (Distribution) of TNB since 1 January 2012. Distribution Network Division under his leadership has been entrusted to focus on network supply operational matters to ensure continuous, reliable and quality supply to the customers via Retail Division without compromising excellent customer experience and satisfaction.
Began his career with TNB in 1985, Datuk Ir Baharin has served TNB more than 33 years and has gained a vast experience in electricity industry. He was the Managing Director of Sa bah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) for 4 years from March 2007, responsible in managing overall business aspect of the company including Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Retail areas. He also has been seconded to Ministry of Energy, Green, Technology and Water (KeTTHA) for 2 ½ years as the Deputy Director and Director of Electrical Inspectorate Department of Sabah and Pahang sequentially. Within TNB, Datuk Baharin has held various positions in Business Development, Network Maintenance, Network Planning, Construction Services, Metering Services and Engineering Services.
Datuk Ir Baharin is also the Board Director for TNB’s subsidiaries such as TNB Research, TNB Energy Services (TN BES), TNBX, TNB ILSAS and Malaysia Transformer Berhad (MTM).
Datuk Ir Baharin has also graduated from University of Syracuse with B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and MBA from UNITEN, Bangi including 1 semester in Bond University, Australia as part of MBA Programme.

Deputy Chairman 1

Wan Nazmy bin Wan Mahmood

Mr Wan Nazmy bin Wan Mahmood, is currently the Head of Operations in Distribution Network Division, Tenaga Nasional Berhad. He began his professional career with Lembaga Letrik Negara, now Tenaga Nasional Berhad in 1985 and subsequently held various positions in Tenaga Nasional Berhad

He is responsible to maintain a world class distribution network through prudent asset management that deliver optimize network reliability and efficiency within regulated financial requirement in Distribution Network, TNB. He has over 34 years of experience in the energy industry

Mr. Wan Nazmy is also the Board of Directors for TNBs subsidiaries such as TNB Energy Services and Tenaga Cable Industries 

Mr Wan Nazmy graduated with a Bachelor of Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA and subsequently gained a Masters of Engineering (M. Eng.) at University of Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia.

Deputy Chairman 2


Ir. Mohamed Ghous bin Ahmad, Vice President of CIRED Malaysia is currently the Project Director
(Advanced Metering Infrastructure – Klang Valley) from l 51 August 2018. He is responsible for the
implementation of Smart Meter for Klang Valley.
Began his career with TNB in 1990, Ir. Mohamed Ghous bin Ahmad has served TNB for 28 years.
Within TNB, Ir. Mohamed Ghous bin Ahmad has vast experience in Distribution Operation such as
Operation and Maintenance, Project Implementation, Network Planning, Retail and Customer Service.
He held various positions as Program Director – Group Wide Function, Procument & Supply Chain
Division, General Manager (Penang), Distribution Division and General Manager (Human Resource)
Distribution Division. He was also the Managing Director of Tenaga Cable Industries Sdn Bhd for 4
years from July 2008.
Ir. Mohamed Ghous bin Ahmad graduated from Michigan Technological University with Bachelor of
Science in Electrical Engineering and Master of Engineering from UNITEN, Bangi.


Ir. Mohd Faris Bin Ariffin

His attachment with TNB (then LLN) started as early as January 1986 when he was granted with LLN scholarship to pursue his study to attain his 1st degree. He started his working career in TNB since September 1991 after having graduated from Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. His first posting was on January 1992 in lpoh, Perak and had worked in Perak for 10 years in various sections and department until June 2002. He received another scholarship in June 2002 to pursue his post-graduate studies in UNITEN and graduated with Master in Electrical Engineering on June 2003. From then on he works in Engineering & Logistics Department, Engineering Department, Asset Management Department and now Asset Management Strategy & Design Standards Department with Distribution Network Division TNB. He is currently Specialist (Overhead Line Systems Design & Diagnostics)

Assistant Secretary


Young Zaidey, assistant secretary of CIRED Malaysia graduated from Loughborough University of Technology, England in 1995 with Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electro-Mechanical Power Engineering. He currently holds a Master of Engineering degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology , Japan that he received in 2005.

He has 23 years of working experience with Tenaga Nasional Berhad and he is currently the Specialist in Transformer Performance & Diagnostic for TNB Distribution Network. His scope of work includes condition monitoring and life assessment of power transformers, failure analysis, evaluation of transformer technology and development of engineering design specification. He was a part time lecturer in Engineering Diagnostic Tools at University Tenaga Nasional of Malaysia from 2007 to 2016. He is also a Working Group Member under the Department of standards Malaysia on Insulation Oils for Electrical Equipment.

Head of Membership Drive


Ir. Ismail Bin Lam Din, Head of Membership Drive for CIRED Malaysia is currently the General Manager (Asset Planning & Performance) Distribution Network Division, Tenaga Nasional Berhad starting from 1st July 2016. Asset Planning & Performance Unit under his leadership has been entrusted to optimize network performance and investments to meet network planning & supply connection in a timely manner in tandem with growth and Incentive Based Regulation (IBR).

Began his career with Tenaga Nasional Berhad in 1986, Ir. Ismail Bin Lam Din has served TNB more than 32 years and has gained a vast experience in utility business. Ir. Ismail Bin Lam Din has held various positions such in Network Maintenance, Network Planning & Construction and Customer Service.

Ir. Ismail Bin Lam Din also graduated from University of Syracuse with B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and registered Professional Engineer with Practicing Certificate (PEPC) with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). He also a member of IEM.

Head of Conference & Seminar


Started career as a Mechanical Engineer in Thermal Power Plant with power utility company Tenaga Nasional Berhad in Malaysia. Mainly on boiler and turbine maintenance and operation. Then, pursued my Master studies in Cranfield University, UK on Aerodynamics Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFO). Joined Universiti Tenaga Nasional as Lecturer and CFO Consultant. Practising as Mechanical Engineer through the consulting arm UNITEN R&D Sdn. Bhd. Have obtained professional engineer status in Malaysia, Charted Engineer in UK and Charted Professional Engineer in Australia. Mainly involved as Green Building and CFO consultant in fluid flow and heat transfer problems especially in utility boiler furnace simulation, gas turbine cooling issues, hydro-power plant river flow, smoke spill simulation, underground car park ventilation and fire simulation, CFO simulation on natural ventilation for human comfort, Green building energy simulations expert, stress analysis on swirl flange for oil and gas application. Expert in jet fan smoke spill system design evaluation using CFO. Turn around Tenaga Cable Industries Sdn. Bhd., subsidiary of TNB from March 2016 till February 2017 as Chief Operating Officer. Currently leading Centralised Billing Project under TNB Distribution.



Management Business Administration (Marketing)
University New England
Bachelor of Accountancy, University Putra Malaysia
Managing Director, ITEM Industrial Engineering Sdn Bhd
(Manufacture Medium Voltage Switchgear)

Chairman, Milan Fountain Sdn Bhd (Manufacture LED Street Lantern)

Director, SGB –SMIT Sdn Bhd (Manufacture Transformer)

Director, JC Smale Malaysia (Specialize Metal Fabrication)

Director, Sabaruddin Othman & Ho. (Law firm)
General Manager, Consolidated Cable Sdn Bhd

Sr. Manager, Neuformation Group of Companies

Corporate Affairs, McDonald’s Malaysia

Management Executive, Plus Berhad

Treasurer, Pertubuhan Cired Malaysia

Ikatan Rela Malaysia ( RELA )

President, Cheras Idaman Housing Committee

Board of Director, Koperasi Jorak, Muar Johor.

Committee Member


Ir. Chew Shee Fuee has 41 experience in electrical relay & control engineering adn testing, Electrical substation testing up to 500kV, Service and maintenance work on electrical power equipment.

Hope to contribute to CIRED Malaysia, his knowledge and networking in order to continuously keep the industry on the forefront of development.

Committee Member


Dr Abu Hanifah Azit joined LLN / TNB since 1983. He has served in various department in Transmission and Distribution Division. His last post was in Distribution Engineering Department as General Manager. During his tenure, he works closely with Energy Commision and Ministery of Enegry office in developing policy and act for Renewal Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Presently he plays as Technical Advisory to Companies that is related to Renewable Development especially Solar farm.

Committee Member


Lau Kim Swee was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Syarikat SESCO Berhad (SESCO), the utility arm of the Sarawak Energy Group in 2016.

Lau joined SESCO in 1988 after completing his Undergraduate Degree from Monash University, Melbourne in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering. Lau has 30 years experience in the state utility operations and as the chief decision maker for SESCO, Lau is accountable for the end to end operational functions of SESCO, covering Transmission, Grid System Operation, Distribution, Retail and Asset Management.

Under Lau’s strong leeadership, there have been visbiole and continious improvements in SESCO’s operations, especially in process simplification, advancement in technology and people empowerment that drive impact changes in company.

He introduces and internalize SESCO’s winning behaviors: having the Right Customer Service Mind-set,Proactive in approach and having Sense of Urgency (CPU) as a guiding principle for his team to deliver quality service and reliable supply to its customers, in support of the group’s High Performance Culture.

With the vision of the Digital Utility 2025, Lau is instrumental in the transformation of the network system, introducing many automation and digitization initiatives into the network, as smart grid drivers.

Appointed Committee Member


Ir. Dr. Izham Zainal Abidin is currently working at Universiti Tenaga Nasional as a Professor and Dean for the College of Engineering. His current interest in Power System Studies and Cybersecurity Applications to Utility operations. He is a Senior Member for the IEE Power and Energy Society and has served to various government and non-government committees.

Appointed Committee Member


Ir. H.P. Looi is a managing director of Mektricon Sdn Bhd (Consultant Engineers) with over3 decades experience in the construction industry. He was involved in industrial, infrastructure, commercial and residential projects, large and small and has commissioned projects within Vietnam, China and India.

Ir. H.P. Looi is also an active member of the engineering community have serve in various capacity in public advocacy, education and technical standards. Notable past service include:

(a) Hon. Secretary of the Asso2003-ciation of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM)
from 2003-2006 and again in 2009-2012;
(b) One of the founding member of the GreenBuildingIndex Accreditation Panel (GBI-
AP) in 2009 and remain as GBI panel member up to 2016;
(c) One of the founding member of the Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC)
and was President of MGBC from 2014-2016.
(ci) Was active contributor to National Standards, being member since 2001 in TC10
(wiring standards), TC-LV Switch Gear, TC-Lighting etc.

Head of Training & Short Courses

Kamal Ariffin bin A. Rahman

Kamal Arifin Bin A. Rahman has served for 29 years in various departments in TNB. He started his
career in TNB Sri Manjung as Assistant District Engineer in the year 1990 and then to Distribution
Head Office managing Training and Quality departments in Distribution Division. He later served in
the Senior Vice President Operations Office doing coordination and monitoring performances of TNB
Major Projects, SESB, Generation and Transmission Division. He also served as the secretariat for
TNB International Desk for the AESIEAP and HAPUA and Asian Power Grid Consultative Committee
Subsequently he was posted to the PJ District Office as District Manager and was awarded the best
performing Business Unit in 2011. Appointed as the General Manager of TNB Negeri Sembilan in
In 2014, Mr. Kamal handled a special project team for the Value Unlocking Program (VUP) and
served in the Strategic Management & Performance Department as VUP Project Management lead.
Currently Mr Kamal is appointed as the Chief Operating Officer at TNB subsidiary, Malaysia
Transformer Manufacturing (MTM).
Mr Kamal holds a Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Degree from The University of Texas El
Paso and Masters in Business Administration Degree from the Ohio University. Mr Kamal served as a
volunteer ranked Captain in the Malaysia’s Royal Engineers Army for 10 years from 2007 to 2018. He
was awarded the Pingat Jasa Kebaktian (PJK) by the Royal Highness DYMM Sultan Perak in 2011 and
Darjah Setia Negeri Sembilan (DNS) by the Royal Highness DYMM YDP Negeri Sembilan in 2013.

Appointed Committee Member

Tan Chow Heang

Ir. TAN CHOW HEANG currently is attach with Engineering Services Unit of TNB Distribution Network
Division, he hold the post of Technical Expert – Underground Cable Performance & Diagnostic. He has
served NEB/TNB for more than 36 years holding various position working in areas including Distribution
System Planning, Construction, Operation & Maintenance as well as Head of Section of Underground
Cable, Head of Section for Substation Equipment. He has developed technical specification for MV
underground cables and its related accessories for TNB, he has extensive experience in underground
cable operation and maintenance including commissioning & maintenance testing, failure investigation
and fault analysis. He offers specialist consultancy and advice to TNB regional and states operational

Ir. TAN CHOW HEANG graduated with Diploma in Electrical Power from UTM in 1983, Bachelor of
Engineering Degree from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland in 1990 and Master of Engineering
(Power) from UTM, Malaysia in 1997. He is a Certified Competent Engineer by Energy Commission of
Malaysia, Professional Engineer, ASEAN Engineer and Member of Institute of Engineers Malaysia IEM.

Head of Membership Drive

IR. Dr. Mohd Dr Fadzil Mohd Siam

Dr Fadzil is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at TNB Research Sdn Bhd. Prior to that he was the General Manager (Transmission & Distribution) and he has been leading and involved in various innovation and technology initiatives including smart city & smart grid issues, power quality, energy storage, network efficiency and renewable energy. 

Dr Fadzil graduated from University of Southampton in the field of Electrical Engineering in 1994. He obtained his PhD in 1998 from Heriot-watt University, Edinburgh and MBA from UNITEN-Melbourne Business School in 2018. He has been working with TNB and TNB Research undertaking various technical and managerial tasks. 

He is a registered professional engineer with Board Engineers Malaysia and Institute of Engineers Malaysia. He contributes in various national standard development committees, professional technical committees and working groups. He is currently appointed as Adjunct Professor at UNITEN and has also contributed as departmental Industry Advisory Panel at UNITEN, UKM and UPM.

Committee Member

HJ Rumaizi bin Hamid

HJ Rumaizi bin Hamid has 31 years experience in Distribution System. Current responsibility includes building up Distribution Network infrastructure, managing major projects for 33kV, preparing Asset Development to be a SBU and Identify, evaluate and introduce new technologies for use in the distribution network 

He was a pioneer team in establishing CBM framework for TNB Distribution and Responsible for managing  Engineering Evaluation Practices in   TNBD

  • Direct involvement in Investigation on the case of serious damage to the installation of the distribution network. 
  • 5 years experience as Safety and Health officer
  • TNBR Board director
  • Distribution Code committee member
  • Chairman for Technical Comittee on Power Systems Management and Associated Information Exchange meeting – SIRIM.
  • BE (Elec) University of
    Wollonggong, Australia
  • Master (Engineering
    Management ) UNITEN,
  • Member of Institute of
    Engineer, Malaysia
  • Profesional Engineer with
    Board of Engineer, Malaysia